Top Quality Instructors

At Gracie Gulf Coast, our instructors give individual attention to each studen to ensure their success and growth.


Jay Johnson

Professor Jay Johnson is a certified 2nd degree black belt under Royce Gracie black belt Rob Kahn and Ricardo Almeida black belt Bobby Williams Jr.

Instructor Strengths

  • USAF Veteran
  • Chito Ry Karate Brown Belt
  • L.I.N.E-Linerar Infighting Neural Override Engagement Graduate
  • Certified IBJJF Referee

Randy Sheets

Randy started Jiu Jitsu’s journey in 2009 under a Renzo Gracie affiliate and later switched to Vicente Junior as his primary instructor.

He began instructing in Dover Delaware with Team Viper as a blue belt.

Once he attained his purple belt Randy began instructing on the Dover Air force base and later in November of 2016, he received his brown belt.

In December 2018 he earned his black belt under Vicente Junior.

Instructor Strengths

  • Technical
  • Fluid movement

Jimmy Pierce

Started bjj on the coast after leaving hometown in north Georgia and no longer being about to wrestle. Became a police officer in 2012 and started teaching GST.

Taught at BJJ schools and the police academy for 9 years until finding GGC a year and a half ago. Passion is teaching GST and combatives to police/ military and civilians to better protect themselves and others. He has a brown belt.

GST has been the best and safest defense against criminals and opponents during patrol, SWAT Operations and on the mats.

Instructor Strengths

  • Patient
  • Caring

Mochi ‘The Boss’ Johnson

Top Dog at Gracie Gulf Coast Jiu Jitsu

Instructor Strengths

  • CEO and leader of Gracie Gulf Coast
  • 3rd Degree Jiu JItsu Doggie Pink Belt
  • Certified Child Babysitter
  • Official Newcomer, Greeter, and Inspector
  • 3x Voted most popular and Employee of the Year


At Gracie Gulf Coast Jiu Jitsu, our goal is help you on your want to becoming the best version of you.
Don’t wait another day to unlock your true potential.

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